Q. Is Construction Management a new approach?

A. No. The approach is common in other areas of the world, where it is seen as a more transparent approach, which is in the best interests of the Client. The Main Contractor approach is adopted in the UK, mainly because “this is the way it has always been done”.

Q. Why do Chilworth believe the Construction Management approach is more beneficial to the Client than appointing a Main Contractor?

A. The Chilworth Directors are from a Main Contractor background, so they are well versed in the benefits and risks of both approaches. They see the main benefit of the Construction Management Approach being that it eliminates the traditional confrontations between Main Contractors and Clients. These confrontations are generally caused by both parties having different objectives. Namely, the Client wishes to minimise costs, the Main Contractor wishes to maximise their profits.

Q. Under the Construction Management approach do Chilworth have the same responsibilities as a Main Contractor?

A. In relation to completion of the Construction Project, Chilworth have the same responsibilities as a Main Contractor.

Q. How do Chilworth charge?

A. Chilworth charge a monthly fee for the duration of the project. In some instances success fees are also negotiated where pre-agreed targets are achieved. The benefit to the Client, as compared to a Main Contractor, is that the Client is fully aware at all times of the cost of the Project.