The Chilworth Approach

The Chilworth approach to construction management ensures that from a Client perspective the project comes first in a way that traditional construction methods do not. Our approach allows for greater project control, effective risk transfer, design flexibility, early project start, and commercial advantage.


RISK MANAGEMENT – Put Risk in its Place

We believe that project risks should be held by those best able to manage them. Design risk lies with the designers, construction risk lies with the constructor, process equipment risk lies with the process designers. We manage this transfer of risk, resulting in a removal of conflict between parties as we focus the team on the common project goal.


DESIGN FLEXIBILITY – Freedom to Change

Chilworth can provide valuable input during the pre-construction design phase , and draft the design programme and cost plan. During this phase, and the construction phase we work with the client to identify further design improvements, and adapt the construction programme accordingly.



The Chilworth Approach allows for projects to be started earlier, with the client retaining control over budget, design and programme. This Approach ensures the project out-turn cost is lower, with no Main Contractor overhead and profit claims. In addition, savings identified through design improvements accrue directly to the client.