CCM’s services at a glance:

  • Project management (on or off-site)
  • Project execution plans
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 time scheduling, planning and programming
  • Cost planning and bills of quantities
  • Commercial management
  • Contract strategy and procurement
  • Cost and contract management
  • Claims management
  • Buildability reviews
  • Value engineering studies
Construction delivery
  • Provision of on-site technical, commercial and quality team
  • Direct supervise and management of  construction package contractors
  • Support from CCM’s off site team
Quality control
  • Site engineering and quality control management
  • Quality planning
  • Inspection and test plans
Commercial & Cost management
  • Project cost reporting and management
  • Package contractor procurement
  • Package contractor contract management
  • Package contractor account management
  • Claims management
Time schedule management
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 time schedule, planning and programming of the construction works
  • Integration of process
  • Commissioning, trial run and performance testing schedule integration
Risk management
  • Review and advice on potential project risks to reduce and eliminate them where possible
  • Interface management
  • Responsibility as Principal Contractor under the CDM Regulations
  • Production and management of construction phase plans integrating
  • Site waste management plans (SWMP)
  • Construction environmental management plans (CEMP)
  • Traffic management plans (TMP)
  • Site logistics plans
  • Site set-up, accommodation, welfare, security, general site preliminaries  provision and management

We recognise how important it is for its civil team to integrate with the process project team to successfully deliver the whole project. Through our experience and expertise in the management of the civil work, we understand that the process design and construction lead the whole project.

When delivering the civil works, CCM procure individual trade packages including piling, concrete works, structural steel, cladding, building services, and fire engineering.

How we add value:

  1. Reduced risk of project delay by effective management of interfaces and programme schedules
  2. We provide extended design delivery periods and sequence management creating flexibility in delivery and confidence in the programme schedule
  3. Proven reduction of civil construction costs
  4. Total transparency of progress, quality and costs
  5. Excellent risk management by apportioning construction risks to the party best able to manage them
  6. Elimination of significant and costly conflict
  7. We always put the project first at every touch point to give clients confidence in project delivery


We provide a project team on a lump sum fee basis.  Our competitors don’t provide this.  We provide proven experience, technical knowhow and systems that will deliver projects in a collaborative and coordinated way that others cannot match.

Our clients get their own project team whose sole focus is to deliver the project and not to defend CCM’s fee. It gives the client control, is fully transparent, and the client receives a clear view of the project critical areas during the pre-engineering phase and construction phase of the project until take-over.

Our competitors provide resources on a day rate basis.  This simply engenders a culture of extending the project programme for as long as possible.

Unique to the industry, CCM’s deep understanding of interface management and its trademarked PROJECT first philosophy drives its team to deliver the project on time, on budget, safely.