Benefits of PROJECT first


Typically, civils construction in the UK is associated with confrontation, litigation, delay and claims. These are not characteristics that give clients comfort or confidence.

Our PROJECT first approach focuses the whole team on common goals, eliminating confrontation and ensuring projects are delivered efficiently, on time and safely.


It’s about deciding how we want to deliver our projects for our clients and making changes to achieve those goals.

It’s about pulling individuals together to create one team, focused on one goal.

It’s about being proud of what we do and not losing sight of the objective.

We always put the PROJECT first.


We provide our clients with a knowledgeable, professional team that always puts the PROJECT first. We provide pre-construction services to develop the project and offer a lump sum fixed fee for our clients that motivates CCM to deliver the project as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Our approach allows:

  • Greater project control
  • Effective risk transfer
  • Design flexibility
  • Programme flexibility
  • Early project start
  • Commercial advantage focused on delivery

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