Energy from waste

CCM's excellent technical knowledge of civil construction and the interfaces with process equipment enables us to successfully cost, plan and manage civils construction on energy from waste plants throughout the UK.


CCM has experience in constructing biomass facilities. We have constructed a 15MWe clean wood biomass facility in the Scottish Highlands that used wood chipped at site.

Anaerobic digestion

We have knowledge and proven experience to provide Principal Contractor services and to manage construction for civils on major AD facilities across the UK.
Plastic Recycling

Plastics Recycling

The plastics recycling sector is gaining prominence in the UK waste recycling industry. We are able to provide construction management services to coordinate the civil works and integrate the process technology within the installation.
Steam Pipelines
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Steam Pipelines

CCM’s expertise includes the construction management of underground and above ground pipeline installations from CHP facilities.

Our Approach and Project First

We always put the project first to ensure civil works are delivered in a transparent, hassle-free and cost-effective way.