CCM is committed to becoming the first carbon neutral construction company. By adopting the following principles, CCM affirms its commitment to working towards a sensible and realistic approach to building a sustainable and energy efficient company for the future.

  1. Efficient use of energy
    CCM will respond to the national need to reduce CO2 emissions to combat global climate change. It will seek to minimise energy use in every area of its work including transport, heating and lighting. It will continue to improve energy efficiency in its building.
  2. Reduction in transport impacts
    To reduce energy consumption and air pollution, CCM will seek to reduce its dependence on road transport including journeys to work. Members of staff are encouraged to walk to work or car share where possible.
  3. Reduction in water use
    CCM will minimise water consumption in its office.
  4. Reduction in paper consumption
    CCM will minimise paper consumption and maximise the proportion from sustainable sources and recycled materials. All paper waste is recycled and staff are encouraged to use scrap paper for internal documents.
  5. Resource-efficient information technology
    CCM will develop a sustainable approach towards future IT investments and use. It will not only minimise waste of energy and materials in all aspects of use and replacement, but also identify new roles for IT which are effective in reducing transport and replacing paper systems.
  6. Sustainable purchasing policy
    To deliver services that minimise adverse environmental impact, CCM will seek to operate purchasing practices in accordance with this policy. Opportunities will be sought for local sourcing to support local employment and reduce transport impacts. Contractors working on behalf of CCM will be encouraged to adopt an appropriate environmental policy.
  7. Raising awareness
    CCM will ensure that all staff are familiar with this policy and promote awareness of their own responsibilities towards the environment. An introduction to the Environment Policy is included as part of the induction procedure for all new staff and members.
  8. Sustainable paper and ink
    CCM’s prints on FSC-approved recycled paper with waterless or vegetable based inks. CCM also recommends recycled paper and print options for clients. CCM is working towards ISO14001 accreditation.

Our Approach and Project First

We always put the project first to ensure civil works are delivered in a transparent, hassle-free and cost-effective way.