Project Overview

This is a new concept in AD power generation thus extremely experimental and complex in terms of design. CCM managed all of the civil works (ground improvement, bunker, concrete, steel structures, envelope, building services, fire systems, internal fit out, external works, interface management, quality control, etc). We also managed the initial enabling works package. The works included making the site safe, grubbing up existing foundations, excavation, disposal and capping of ACMs, disposal of contaminated water in accordance with the Construction Environment Management Plan, Planning Authority constraints and Asbestos Management Plan.

Through the construction phase the project encountered significant issues with ground and ground water contaminated with asbestos and hydrocarbons. This required sensitive and comprehensive management to ensure that the surrounding environment and in particular a protected watercourse was not contaminated.

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Energy From Waste




16 Months





Civils Value



The project was officially producing power on digester biogas within just ten months after commencing civils on site. The overall budgetary control was by the client and due to the experimental nature of the scheme somewhat secondary.

  • Completed on time
  • Power to the grid within 10 months of commencement
  • Extensive ground contamination remediated

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